Live the emotions again and again

What I love to do is capture natural photos
who have the power to always excite you, in the years to follow.

On this page I would like to describe my way of working,and what made me passionate about your stories, in the most sincere and simple way possible.

Immerse yourself in the day

One of the things that I find most fascinating on the wedding day is that it concentrates a great wealth of stories to tell. In a few hours, the achievement of a great conquest, the courage to love and choose, and the sharing with the most dear families and friends are celebrated.

From the first meeting, a journey begins where the spouses allow me to accompany them on this magnificent adventure. Knowing their personality, knowing in advance what the dearest ties are, are all elements with which I can live the day from the inside, to be able to photograph it with a greater awareness of what is going on.

Document without stopping

This phrase sounds very workaholic! But it’s not a motto to prove that I work a lot. Rather, it describes my approach to the day well. Often I find myself starting to shoot very early, wandering around alone for the location in search of details or some funny moment with the first to arrive.

Based on my experience, starting early also helps people settle in with the presence of the photographer, and to reassure themselves once they are found to be harmless.

Many times I have had really incredible moments at late dances, rather late, crazy moments that still make me and the spouses die laughing and other very romantic ones.

This motivates me to be constantly present and waiting for the moment to be captured, always trying to anticipate it and keep creativity alive to find the most beautiful or particular shots.

I never propose “packages by the hour”, but rather I always prefer to include full time presence, also because I think that sometimes it is difficult for the spouses to understand in advance what the real need will be in terms of time.


The portraits of couples are the only moment in which I think I can push myself to give some advice and guide you in quickly finding the most beautiful light and the most photogenic views. Some suggestions may also be useful to mitigate the embarrassment, but it is very different from proposing forced poses. I like that these photos express your personality as much as possible.

Rather, I want you to take advantage of these moments to enjoy some quiet moments on your own. Even in this phase, the most beautiful photos are those stolen moments in which the photographer’s presence does not shine through. Better to take a couple of 15-minute breaks, rather than the classic photo time, on a day when the priority is to enjoy the party with the guests.

Videomaker? some useful hints

During all phases of the wedding I capture the natural unfolding of events, and it is very important for me that even a videomaker respects this philosophy, because if he poses people or interrupts the moments it would ruin all the spontaneity that I try to grasp.

I don’t make videos. I know good professionals and I can name you some of them, or support you in evaluating whether the videomaker you like can be compatible with my way of working.